Boomer humour

I hate boomer humour. Why do folks think it’s okay to joke by bullying someone else, or telling them they’re trash? Seek help instead.

Couple at a table, guy is angry at woman.
Photo by Vitaly Gariev on Unsplash

This is a topic I have an incredibly visceral reaction to. Let Zach from Extra Fabulous Comis explain this:

Four panel comic. First is old dude with balding hair, sunglasses, holding a mic doing a skit for comedy night. He says "I hate my wife." Second panel is crowd is laughing. Third is same old guy shrugs. Last panel is crowd going absolutely wild.

Why is this a thing? Why do some people think it’s appropriate to shit on your family? I know they say “relax, it’s just a joke, bro,” but have you ever put yourself in the shoes of the people you “joke” about? How do you feel when you’re the one they joke about? You’re the first one to get butthurt about it, and will rage if someone tells you to chill, it’s just a joke!

So anyways, this is from one of the motorcycling groups literally half an hour ago. Some details have been omitted for obvious reasons:

Screenshot of a conversation from telegram, personal details redacted.

Event got rescheduled to a day that also happens to be Father’s day, and here are the boomers, all men, demonstrating why they deserve to be celebrated on Father’s day. You can experience such highlights as:

  • “Already know I have to stay home and tolerate my children rather than doing something fun.” Cool, so you hate your kids and wish you didn’t need to spend time with them. Exemplary dad behaviour!
  • “Hopefully most people aren’t scared of their wives and manage to sneak out.” Neat, so you hate your wife or at the very least do not respect her at all because if you did, you wouldn’t throw her under a bus. Let alone in a community that doesn’t know her. Way to be a model husband!
  • “If it’s Father’s Day. Then most of you are fathers and you can choose to go riding !!!” Obviously the whole point of Father’s day is that the world revolves around you, and therefore you get to abandon your family because that’s a very normal thing to do. Out of curiosity how would you react if your wives did something away from you and the kids for Mother’s day? I know you say you’re okay with that, but would you be, really?
  • “I'm a father and would normally just come along, but to complicate matters it's my wife's birthday too! 🫣” Oh no, NOT YOUR WIFE’S BIRTHDAY MESSING UP YOUR MOTORCYCLING PLANS!!! Go fuck yourself! But fear not, you can placate her by letting her ride passenger. How generous!
  • “And for the wife's birthday, you've decided to treat her to some quiet time to herself!” Yes, because that is what every wife needs, some alone time, and not love, attention, experiences, because feeling abandoned is very high up on every wife’s list. Trust me, I asked. Yours too!
  • “👌 Absolutely, you wouldn't want to ruin the ride by having to take her with you 🤣” No, you really shouldn’t spend time with her. Nope.

I just have a single question to you, boomer folks: what the fuck is wrong with you?

Do not answer, you’re probably getting mad and ready to yell at me. Find someone else. Ideally not your wife or kids.

Seek therapy.

On a selfish note, it absolutely sucks that I can’t really find a (motorcycling) community that isn’t chock full of this kind of attitude.