Privacy policy


I want you to know what data I'm collecting, and why, and how you can opt out of it, if you wish to do so.

Things I don't do:

I do NOT collect your email address for whatever reason. Not having an email list is not really marketing friendly apparently, but hey ho. I'm sure you don't need yet another subscription.

I do NOT have any Facebook scripts on my site, anywhere. I don't like Facebook, I don't want to be tracked by it, and I don't want you to be tracked by it either.

Nor do I have any Twitter scripts included. The links are just <a> tags that lead to Twitter.

I do NOT care who you are exactly, no personally identifiable information is transmitted / stored.

Things I do

I do have Google Analytics on the page. It's the standard version which tracks where a visit came from, how that visit progressed through the site, what the IP, user agent is, how long a visitor spends on each page, and so on. You can read a lot more about what happens with your data on their side of things at Google's privacy policy on this.

I use that data to look at whether what I write is interesting content, or not. It informs me what type of content people look for, are interested in, come back for.

It also has a number on it that says how many monthly visitors I had last month. The higher that number is, the warmer and fuzzier feeling I get.

How to opt out

Install an adblocker (you should install an adblocker anyways), and they usually block all tracking scripts from loading. I use uBlock Origin (Chrome webstore, Firefox add-on, Microsoft Edge app store)


There are 3 families of cookies

_ga, _gad, _gat, _utm*

Used by Google Analytics, they track your visits throughout the site. They're used to identify you as a returning user if you come back a week later. You can read the technical info about them here


I use CloudFlare to make sure my domain loads over https, and it also has some added benefit of caching files closer to you. They use a cookie named __cfduid, which they identify your device as a singular machine behind a shared IP address. You can read their technical reasoning here.

github cookies

On certain blog posts I embed code via Github Gists. Github then places a bunch of cookies on your machine for their own purposes, which is to figure out whether you're logged in to Github or not, and other, basic details, according to their documentation on this.

In the future I'll do my best to host code in such a way that I do not rely on Github, so I can get rid of the cookies as well.

If you have any questions about this, let me know over Twitter at @javorszky, or send me an email at gabor (at) javorszky (dot) co (dot) uk.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash