WordCamp Europe 2017 - the first hour

Okay, I’m going to be that person who highlights all my grievances. There will be tons of articles about how awesome everything was, so you can read those. That said here are the things that I found lacking.

  1. The location. It’s in an industrial park, which isn’t bad in and of itself, unless we count the “getting there” part. Official directions suggest the closest train station (Front Populaire), which is north of the venue. Personally I chose my accommodation so that I wouldn’t need to use public transportation / taxi / Uber, so I was staying in Chapelle. Turns out the area under the big intersection on the way from my accommodation to the venue is a slum. Turns out also that volunteers / organisers were suggested they don’t walk through there for that reason. Why was this info not on the website? I would have probably taken a different walking route, or get on the metro.

map of getting to the venue complete with slum

  1. Registration: “What’s your name?” “Gabor.” “Ah, Gabriel...”. Just... no.

  2. We got an awesome booklet where the last few pages is what you write in. We didn’t get anything to write with though. Dunno, do they count on other sponsors giving us a pen? Yeah, I understand it’s not required, and is for convenience for those in possession of a pen.

  1. Apparently the only lactose free food is vegan. If that’s the case, I’d rather take my lactase tablets and eat meat. Just put it on the website “hey, if you‘re going to need lactose free, the best we can do is vegan.” This was not an informed decision on my part.

  2. Wifi information is inaccurate in the booklet. Says network: WCEU 2017. Available networks:

  • PUBLIC WCEU 2017
  • STAFF WCEU 2017
  • VIP WCEU 2017

Note the distinct lack of the WCEU 2017 network. I understand that the intention was to have one wifi, and booklet went into print, and then they changed the wifi layout, but then choose different names for the staff and VIP networks and keep the booklet accurate. Yes, common sense kicked in, and I assumed it will be the PUBLIC WCEU 2017 channel, but uhm...

  1. Oh, and wifi just cut off... Which means even when compartmentalise the wifi it’s still not enough. Yes, networking is hard.

At this point we’re merely through the opening remarks. I’m looking forward to the sessions though. More to come...