Blue crows aren't for roos

Write about a crazy kangaroo who falls in love with a blue crow!

That was the first response to me expressing my desire to write stories, novels. So here goes.

Meet Bob. Bob is not your average kangaroo. Bob is somewhat of a curiosity among his friends, peers. The kids all stay away from him at a safe distance, but really it's more like Bob has a bubble around him on which the kids are stuck, and as Bob goes around town, so do the kids, looking at what he's doing.

See, Bob has curious views about the world. Insane, they say. Crazy, according to others. He spends his time coming up with weird things, like maybe cooking the meat that the lions hunt would be better for them (but really, who would DO that?!), or that maybe sloths should get a bath every once in a while, or that perhaps boxing for kangaroos is pretty dumb.

Bob goes against every established animal rule. Therefore, Bob is crazy. His hair is unkempt, he rambles to himself, he shouts at clouds, but if you keep watching him, you'd realise that he's the most harmless and actually the most helpful of all the animals in the little village he's part of.

Lately though, there's been a problem.

Bob has changed. We're not exactly sure what brought it about, but his pattern of behaviour is less erratic, as if something is calming him. He spends a lot more time near the town centre - somewhere that's usually pretty hectic for him because of all the police attention he's getting for trying to tell his views to anyone who'll listen -, but lately, he's been sitting on benches. Sure, he's still rocking on it, but with Bob's standards, he's almost asleep.

The only thing we THINK changed around town is a new addition to our population: Catherine. Freshly graduated from law school, specialising in criminal law, especially attempted murders. Catherine's a blue crow, and when she is in your field of vision, time seems to just slow down. Everything is in slow motion, and your senses are heightened, and you really really can't help but notice her, and the amazing grace with which she commands time and space around her.

Men have no chance.


Bob is doomed.

But Bob is smiling, happily rocking on the bench at town centre, right next to the council house - Catherine happens to work there.

And you can bet that Catherine has noticed Bob. Possibly not in the same capacity as Bob sees her, but she's aware.

We're ... quite honestly we're not exactly sure what to make of this. Unbeknownst to Catherine, this is quite possibly the biggest change ever to happen to the town. At least since that thing with the porcupine almost two decades ago.

Bob holds our community together. And now Bob is in love. Send help.