Why I stopped paying attention to Twitter?

I’m still there. I reply to mentions, direct messages. I will just not run into your shared thing. I will probably not RT you, I will probably not get into a discussion with you on Twitter.

Every time I open Twitter for more than a minute, all I see and read about is that shit’s broken:

  • US justice system is anything but when it comes to people other than middle aged, heterosexual white men
  • in security, everything is broken. SSL is broken. HTTPS is broken. The NSA and GCHQ have all access to all your data, including your mobile phone what with the news about the SIM card thing
  • all the browsers are broken. You can’t have consistent behaviour, because IE / Firefox / Safari being a derp. Chrome steals your data, etc. I stopped leveling up my CSS skills about two years ago, because what's the point of using opacity if I need to get a transparent png for older browsers? I might as well just bloody use that for the newer ones as well. SVGs? Cute, but older browsers. Flexboxes? Again, older browsers*
  • gamergate, 'nuff said

  • we’re killing our planet. Global warming is irreversible almost
  • all the programming languages are flawed, and broken. I see really long rants about how <your favourite programming language> is the source of all evil, because no one can get it right. JavaScript is usually on the death row. And it’s quite fashionable to loathe PHP
  • all the marketing fluff about yet-another-super-startup-solving-something-totally-irrelevant, because young heterosexual white men have shiny object fetish

It’s also not like I can just unfollow these people, because the very few useful content would also be drowned out. Because it’s the same people I started following because they had something I wanted to learn.

I’m just super exhausted by all of those. Yes, I know that it’s a lot harder for people actually experiencing unjust behaviour because they happen to be the targets of #gamergate, or they’re not middle aged heterosexual white men. Yes, I know what I’m doing is ignorance.

But I have a job, that I want to do. In peace. Without worrying about the 50 different new problems of the world each day. Because I can’t shut them out any other way.

I’m still there, will answer. But will very rarely initiate conversation.

*I used to work in an agency where supporting IE8 was still a thing when I left.