Do you need physical books?

I love the works of Terry Pratchett. I have a few of his books on my shelf. Exhibit A:

The problem with that though is that I can’t really take them with me if I want to move around the globe with only a carry-on. They do have Kindle versions however, so the next few months I’ll be replacing my physical books with their kindle versions. I don’t have a separate Kindle device, I’m using the app on my phone.

I love the smell of printed books as much as anyone, and once I have a home, I’ll have a kick-ass library, but currently I can’t justify owning physical books anymore.

Gear wise I see people carrying around a tablet (Android or iPad) as well as their laptops and phones. I’ve been thinking whether that’s necessary for me or not, and I concluded that it isn’t. I’m quite okay with my laptop + phone combo. The phone is big enough to handle everything I’d be handling on a tablet anyways (it’s 5.5"). With regards to cables and whatnot, I need the power cable for my laptop, a USB cable for my phone, and maybe a socket-to-USB plug for my phone. Or perhaps I’ll pick up a nomadkey. Or a nomadclip. By the way, if anyone has a referral link, feel free to drop it in the comments. I think they do referral links.

If anyone has any other tips regarding these, like cool tech I should consider, or a way that you handle some of these, let me know! :)