I’ll be a digital nomad!

I’ll be a digital nomad!

Most exciting times! And sad.


Okay, so on one hand I’m leaving behind Electric Studio, where I’ve worked since 24th July, 2012. I’ve learned a ton about every aspect of being part of an agency. My soft skills have become considerably better, and my WordPress-fu has leveled up a LOT.

Ultimately though what I found out is that working for different clients every other month is not something I particularly enjoy doing, and I’m more interested in clever solutions to programming problems than in making a website look amazing (which involves a boatload of CSS).

I’ve enjoyed (mostly, there have been some situations where I didn’t have the right frame of mind for the client) my time here, but it’s not me they need going forward, and it’s not an agency I need going forward. My last day there was today, 18th November, after which my company email is switching off.

Thank you for everything!


I’ve been hired by Prospress as a software engineer. Them being in San Francisco, and me not being a US resident, I’ll be working remotely.

I’ll work on plugins for WooCommerce and answer customer queries on the support forums. I don’t actually know, as I haven’t started yet, but it’s a welcome change! I get to focus on a finite number of lines of code, so hopefully a few months down the line I’ll have memorised all of them!


The best thing about it though is that it’s a fully remote position! I can be anywhere on this planet, but as long as I have a reliable internet connection, no one cares. There’s Slack, Google Hangouts, email and Github, and not much else needed. Seriously, this is my dream come true!

With great power comes great responsibility, and I’ll use these powers to help people I couldn’t otherwise. A friend needs some babysitting while she goes to an interview in the morning? Call me up, I can just shift my working day around that! There’s a conference I’m invited to give a talk about something? Sure! I have the time!

You get the point. I have absolute and total control of my whereabouts and my time, provided I do full time work in some way, shape or form, for Prospress. Doing what I get paid to do is my hobby, so I don’t anticipate this to be hard :).

what’s to come

You’ll see me all around the world. I’m reinstating the ”one country one month“ travel mid-2015. I have to visit Reykjavik, Berlin, Jackson WY, and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting about 800 other cities.

It’s going to be an interesting transition, but one I can pick up fast. After all, I’ve had practice with Ghost ;-).