Dev environment I use to develop on Ghost

... and WordPress.

I got the question about the subject of this post in IRC after this tweet of mine:

Here goes:


Atom. Because it’s grown up. I still have Sublime 3, and I still use it, and it’s still generally faster / more stable, but I really like how Atom interacts with its plugins. Particularly linting plugins.


Macbook Pro 15", early 2011, upgraded ram (8Gb) and SSD drive (256Gb). Will go on sale soon. Flawless state otherwise. Has GitHub sticker to the right of the trackpad.


  • XCode (and command line tools), because I need it for some of the npm / brew modules
  • homebrew for installing stuff
  • git (through homebrew)
  • nvm
  • node 0.10.31 (through nvm)
  • zsh (because grbi HEAD~2 > git rebase -i HEAD~2)
  • mocha, retire, jscs, bower, grunt-cli and component as global npm packages
  • phpcs, phpmd as PEAR packages
  • MAMP
  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox
  • phantomjs as a downloadable (I’d need the devel version, but that fails under Yosemite, hence I need a precompiled version)
  • Atom plugins: jscs, jshint, phpcs, phpmd, emmet and a ton of others that make things convenient, but not necessarily more functional

And that’s everything I’d need if I reinstalled. Others will most likely point out that I missed something bleedingly obvious out though :D. Ohwell. Ask, and I shall answer, if you have questions.