I am tempted to ditch Mailbox — again

A few months ago I tried out Mailbox when it first came out on Android. Sometimes not having an iPhone sucks.

Mailbox was great! Except it didn't quite replace the Gmail app that came with my Android, so every new mail notification appeared twice. Found no way to use mailbox only bar disconnecting the account. I could potentially stop syncing email with the accounts though.

Folders / labels

It also had its own built-in folders. To get to Inbox Zero, you'd have to move all mail from where they are (inbox) to someplace else: archive, delete, put on a list or snooze. That works well within Mailbox, of sorts, but sometimes I like to scroll to my messages instead of searching for them.

Messages also can not be in multiple labels folders, so it's either in inbox, OR it's in a list. It's either in the Flight label folder, or Travel. Nested folders aren't a thing.

I don't even know whether I should call these folders or labels. In Google-land, these are labels. And I can stick a ton of them on my messages.

Once I got to IZ, if I try to view my messages on the web or in Airmail, the experience is weird. Everything is empty. When I archive a message in Mailbox, it gets moved into my All Mail label, along with my chat transcripts and other messages that should skip inbox. It's a lot more confusing now. (Yes, I could search)


Thankfully Mailbox can be configured to keep stars (it's in the settings, under preferences).

Where are my messages?

Mailbox also tells me there are 230 emails on my account that are in the inbox and I haven't actioned. They don't show up either on the mobile, nor on the desktop clients. It's a constant reminder of "dude, you have stuff to do!" and can't get rid of it.

The big picture

Personally Mailbox for me is not something that would increase productivity. It's kind of like a game: you have a task to do, and you need to satisfy the app. You have 14 emails in your inbox, you need to get to inbox zero, but instead of actually doing the things that are contained in the emails, I'd just archive or sort them into lists.

I'm open to suggestions or guides or help or tutorials to tell me what I'm doing wrong though.

Oh, I still have 2 beta coins left. First come first serve, tweet @ me with your email address.

I am also aware that Mailbox for OSX is a beta product. My problems are mostly with how it works conceptually rather than individual bugs that will be remedied.