Skype, you're doing it wrong

Sometimes I am lazy. Normally I can navigate between programs and modules by just using the trackpad on my mac. Switching between programs: 4 finger swipe up => exposé. Click on the program, boom. Two-finger tap => right click, contextual menu.

I was viewing a page, and was playing around with Wappalyzer. Flatmate asked me to send it through to him because it's a cute little thing.

The following are all achieved with trackpad manipulation:

  • Click the Wappalyzer icon
  • Scroll down to the “options” link and click it
  • Click the go to
  • Click the address bar, right click and copy address
  • Click Applications
  • Drag Launchpad to the Dock (because it's convenient)
  • Click Launchpad
  • Click Skype
  • Select flatmate's icon to bring up conversation window
  • Right click in message area, click Paste
  • ... Click... send? Um... Skype... where's... how do I send a message with a click?

Skype, how do I send a message with a click?

At this point I tried going into all the menus. Conversations was the best bet, it had a menu item called Instant message..., which opened up the same window that I was already on.

In the end, I had to click the keyboard icon, start keyboard view and actually click the Enter key.

That's awkward.

(Yes, I could have JUST stretched an extra 15cm towards the enter key on the keyboard, but that was not the point...)