My move towards extreme minimalism

I had to move in April of 2014 due to the previous landlord wishing to sell the property we were renting. Everything went fine, we did have ample time, letting agency was a bliss to work with (for the most part), but that's not the important bit.

I had to rent a self storage unit, because even though the next flat was 5 doors down in the same apartment complex, there was a gap between having to vacate the premises, and being allowed into the new one. (negotiations attempting to close this gap have all but failed)

I pack two weeks' worth of clothes / equipment in my backpack, put the last of my things into storage, and head for the hostel.

For the next two weeks, all I had with me were clothes, my laptop, phone, car (had to get to work), and some toiletries. I did not miss any of my things in self storage.

This wasn't entirely resolved when I later actually moved in to my new home. For the longest time I actually avoided unpacking from boxes. I only did it because I got tired of going around them.

This made me think: do I really need as much stuff as I own? I haven't checked in luggage on a flight in the past 4 years, and I've been to SE Asia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany... I doubt I ever will.

So basically I am moving towards extreme minimalism: only owning things that I really really really need, and donating / selling everything else.

I'll keep you posted.

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