Adventures in VM land; part #2 — Getting hhvm to run

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica...

No. Right, so I got Vagrant to install apache. The next step was to get hhvm working.

The vagrant box that I'm running is an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS box, and the hhvm Github pages have a section about installing a pre-built package on this system.

Since I'm using the shell provisioning route to do stuff on Vagrant, I thought that putting all of the instructions from the hhvm page into my .sh file would be enough.

So. Many. Fails.

Okay, turns out I needed to install the python-software-properties first.

Then it still failed. I didn't need sudo.

Still failed.

I had to add the -y flag to the apt-get install commands, everything was hanging on one of these.

Still failed.

At this point I gave up, googled hhvm vagrant, came across this repository:, cloned it, looked at the Vagrantfile, and there was nothing surprising.

Had I started with that though, I would have had absolutely no idea wtf went there. So now I have port forwarding, static IPs, hhvm, apache and nginx installed. Although possibly I should have added the --force-yes to the apt-get installs. TIL.

Yay. On to getting WordPress installed. Next up is WP-CLI.

To be continued.