Xmas 2020 decoration wishlist

Hi! Below are the available szaloncukor my mom can send us. Take your picks :)

Ruby chocolate (as in, red, see the right side of it) filled with raspberry cream
Top: raspberry jelly covered with milk chocolate. Bottom: marzipan collection (various flavours: almond, blackberry, orange, coffee (?), cherry)
Top (golden): marzipan, middle (blue): mix of various flavours (no idea what they are), bottom (white/brown/red): milk truffle ones
Top (brown): cocoa cream, below(red): black forest (chocolate + cherries), green: hazelnut cream, gray: yoghurt cream
Both are hazelnut. Left is dark chocolate (52%), right is milk chocolate (36%)
Lemon and orange jelly
Assorted flavours, no idea what they are.
Milk truffles. Same as the white/brown/red in one of the above pictures
I've not seen these. Banana (left) and coconut (the others)
Marzipan assortment of various flavours (no idea). It's dark chocolate tho (40%) 
Alcohol-cherry. This is one I'll DEFINITELY ask for :D
Dark chocolate filled with hazelnut cream 
Assorted creme flavours (no idea what they are)
Assorted champagne cream filling (no idea what the flavours are, or what champage creme is...)
Top: dark chocolate filled with assorted flavours (no idea). Bottom: Dark (?) chocolate filled with what looks like fruit (these will probably contain alcohol)
Top: hazelnut and caramel cream (in one candy). Bottom: the same dark chocolate filled with various fillings as previous
Plum cream marzipan
Classic assortment (usually means chocolate, marzipan)
Top: cinnamon and plum cream (together), bottom: yoghurt flavoured

Take your picks. Let me know which ones you want :). I can also ask more info about any of them.