Hire me

So glad you came by. Hopefully you've read some of my blog posts, or you were recommended by someone. In any case, welcome!

There are a few things that I'd like you to know before we start talking about your project. This is so we'll know whether I'm the right person to hire, and what to expect when working with me. I've collected these in a FAQ style.

What sort of projects do you take on?

WordPress and WooCommerce, specifically Subscriptions. I also enjoy bug fixing and data repair for existing large sites, and hunting down performance bottlenecks and fixing them / working around them.

What sort of projects do you NOT take on?

I purposefully do not take on projects that involve front-end work. If it's a brand new site, I have people I would want to work with, and they'd do a full assessment of your requirements and needs, and deliver what your project needs, but I will not do CSS and Javascript work that's geared towards the look and feel of the site.

I also don't take on projects that aren't WordPress at the moment, though it will change with Laravel soon.

I already have a half done solution, I need someone to finish it.

Finishing something that someone else started rarely goes well. If that's the case, I'd rather we start from scratch, and we'll need to look at the entire requirements from the beginning discarding everything that has already been implemented.

How do you work?

First we talk about what you want to have done, and why. I'll try to see why you need a custom solution to that, and will see whether it can be done by other off the shelf solutions (occasionally by something other than WordPress even).

Then we do an in-depth analysis of your criteria, and produce a requirement document, which will have the scope in it. Anything not specifically mentioned in the scope counts as out of scope. If something obviously should be part of the scope that it's not worth writing down, I'd rather it be written down. Assumptions are bad.

The document will also detail deliverables that you need to provide for me by certain dates. If the deliverables aren’t provided by then, the resulting deadlines are also extended.

Because I work on a number of projects at any given time, any delay might cause running out of time in the window your project was scheduled in, and thus would need to be scheduled after the next project. Please keep these deadlines.

When do you work?

I'm based in the UK, so normal UK working hours, 9am-5pm London time. (GMT or GMT+1 depending on daylight savings). This can be flexible though. As I work with mostly US companies, I also make it a point to have at least 4 hours overlap with clients whether they're on pacific time, or eastern. I've yet to take on anyone from Hawai'i. :)

How can we keep in contact?

  • I have a Slack I can invite you to
  • if you have a Slack, you can invite me to it
  • emails (I do prefer Slack though)

How do you price projects?

For shorter or variable engagements, I use an hourly rate of at least 10 hours. Currently my hourly rate is USD 150.

Payment terms

For smaller projects, 50% up front, 50% on completion. For larger projects, 25% up front, and then we go in phases. Next phase will not begin until previous phase is paid for.

If for whatever reason you want to abandon the project, the current phase needs to be paid in full.