During my regular activities on the Internet™ (patent pending), I occasionally come across some funny stuff. Instead of spamming each and every one of those links into the myriad Slack and Discord groups, as I have been doing so far possibly annoying the hell out of some regular folk, I started this weekly newsletter that I aim to ship to you every Friday at around 4pm UK time (GMT or BST depending on date).

So if you want your regular influx of Quality Shitpost Content™, including geese, communism, IT (non-)security, and memes, plop your email address in the form behind the link. I did’t include the form here because it looks horrible, and I want to be sure you REALLY want to get these emails, hence the extra work on your part.

Privacy bits

Newsletter is operated via Tinyletter, which is a Mailchimp company. I will not use your email address for anything else except to send you random funny stuff I find around the internet. That content will include links to other sites (including Twitter, but definitely not Facebook), so you will probably be tracked on those sites. I do not have control over those, however the links will not be obscured to hide where they’re going to. Or if they are, because Mailchimp, I will indicate where you’ll end up.

Mailchimp has their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page which is important because they are the data processor where I am the data controller.

You can unsubscribe at any time for any reason by clicking the link in the email you get. You can always get in touch with me by either using the email in the footer of this page, or replying to the newsletter (I do get it).

I will be able to see a list of subscribers, and for each subscriber when they signed up, how many letters they received, how many times they opened letters, how many unique letters they opened, how many clicks there were, and how many unique clicks there were. These are things that Tinyletter give me. I don’t think this is useful information for me, but I can’t opt out of getting it anyways.

To the subscribe page!

If you’re good with all of that, head on to https://tinyletter.com/javorszky and supply your digital ID.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash