Product variation switching

Client is currently using WooCommerce and Subscriptions. The products are variable subscriptions. Switching is allowed, but client does not like that customers are sent through the checkout page when they switch between variations as prices tend to be the same.

Client would like customers to be able to update their variations from within the My Account section. In most cases the switching on the site would not result in a change in the cost of the subscription so there is no need for the customers to go through the checkout process.

Free trial product turns into subscription

Client would like to run a promotion where when someone orders the "Free Trial Product" (a sample of the products the company produces) they will automatically be subscribed to the existing subscription product, or a duplicate of it, for the following month.


  • prices of the variations will mostly be the same
  • payment gateway is Braintree
  • variations are size / colour
  • stock is managed through TradeGecko, and all products (including the free trial product) have different SKUs

Plan of work


  • because prices wouldn't need to change, changing the variations can be done without checking out again
  • if prices do change, Braintree allows for charging a different amount at a different schedule than the original order was for, therefore the subscription can be updated and the new amount would be charged at the next renewal
  • on the View Subscription screen under My Account each variable subscription line item would have two drop downs for size and colour (yellow box). A button to confirm variation changes would be below all the line items (purple box). Clicking on the button would update the line item to the new variation selected. Functionality would take into account stock levels, and wouldn't offer a variation that doesn't have enough stock.
  • when customer saves the new variation, the old variation's stock levels are released, the new variation's is lowered. Subscription will have an order note added to it (visible to admins only), and a confirmation email will be sent out to both the customer, and the shop admin
  • if more than one item was ordered, they wouldn't be able to change only some of them. It's possible, but would need to know client wants this.

Trial to subscription

  • there would be special trial products with zero cost. Additional settings on the product would include a product selector to designate which subscription the product should turn into, and another where shop admins could select how many days after purchase should they turn into subscriptions
  • when customers purchase a trial product, an action is scheduled X days in the future (set on the trial product) that, if not cancelled, will automatically set up a subscription for the customer and charge the payment method available
  • checkout will be forced when buying the trial product, so customers will have to supply their payment information
  • there will be a way for customers to cancel before the first subscription is created so they wouldn't be charged anything